Crooked Teeth Dental Procedure All The Rage In Japan

October 12, 2011


Because Japan is literally millennia ahead in the realm of WTF'ery, dentists in the country are now offering 'Yaeba' cosmetic treatments, a dental procedure that makes a girl's teeth appear wonky and (obviously) more desirable. But how do they feel about lazy eyes?

Yaeba means double tooth in Japanese, but it doesn't describe major dental deformities, but rather the vampire-like look obtained when the two molars crowd the canines pushing them forward to create a fang effect. According to some sources, yaeba gives girls a feline look which is apparently makes them even more attractive, while others say it's this little imperfection that makes pretty girls look more approachable as opposed to the flawless magazine cover models of the western world.

Dr. Yoko Kashiyama and her staff at the Plaisir Dental Salon, in Ginza district, perform all kinds of cosmetic procedures, but yaeba is definitely among the most popular. Using non-permanent adhesive, she glues custom-made artificial teeth onto the natural canines to lengthen them and make them stand out.

Oh man, I've got a lazy eye (I'm talking SUPER lazy -- dude's never worked a day in his life) AND wonky teeth, you think they'd find me super handsome in Japan? "No, I think they'd find you with your arm stuck in a vending machine trying to steal a pair of worn panties." God, they really would, wouldn't they?

Hit the jump for a couple more examples and a video news report of a lady getting it done.



Tokyo Dental Salon Specializes in Giving Girls Crooked Teeth [odditycentral]

Thanks to Daniel, who agrees one of the best ways to wonk your teeth for free is jumping off your parents' roof with a trashbag parachute. Did you live in my neighborhood growing up?

  • qwert`

    she does have this kindof "cute monster girl" thing going....needs something though, horns or cat pupils or the like. maybe a tail or pointed ears (not like an elf more like a wolf) or some other token monster trait. a slight scale pattern on the skin?

  • derrickpatterson

    I don't know why girls are so insecure with how their teeth looks like. Most of the girls I know usually visits family dentists in maiden ma to have their teeth improve.

  • I have natural "Dracula" fangs that I've never corrected(partly for financial reasons and now as I'm older because so many people say they really like them!!!!!) perhaps I should go to Japan.........

  • Epesi

    Mine grew in that way naturally. You jelly, Japan?

  • ugly o.e butt teeth

  • Everseeker

    {grin}And monkeys might fly outta my butt {/grin}

  • Fred Collinsworth

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that can definitely be held true in this case. Cosmetic dental appeal is an acquired taste, and Yaeba cosmetic treatments just might catch on.

    Fred Collinsworth

  • qwert`

    yes, much like disintegrating rays beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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