Aeroshots, Huffable Energy Supplements

October 18, 2011


Energy: it's good to have (just not 70 energy drinks worth). Huffing things: it's fun to do. So naturally, huffable caffeine supplements are a no-brainer. Each Aeroshot contains 100mg of finely-powdered caffeine (~a large cup of coffee) and looks enough like a shotgun shell that I can almost guarantee somebody's gonna wind up biting a bullet. And that person will be me, because I'm entirely out of it before I've been properly caffeinated in the morning. No lie -- one time the phone rang before I'd had my coffee and I answered a coworker's penis. He liked it. I got fired but he liked it.

Official Site (product launches mid-January)

Thanks to Ferrous, who agrees caffeine suppositories are gonna be the next big thing. Energy AND something in your ass -- how could you go wrong?!

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