30K Piece LEGO Death Star Hangar Diorama

October 7, 2011


This is 30,000-piece LEGO diorama of the Death Star's landing bay on the day of Emperor Palpatine's surprise inspection or whatever. It was created by Jay Hoff and displayed at the Florida school he teaches at on Science Discovery Day (when the kids learn about potato-powered clocks and baking soda volcanoes). It took Jay six months and $2,300 to complete. That's...a lot of minifigs.

The build measured 6 by 6 feet and he only got to display it once. Jay has been a LEGO fanatic since 1973, and hasn't had the heart to take it apart yet.

*spitting beer* TAKE IT APART?! You don't take something like that apart -- you knock out a wall in your home to make room for a custom display! Take it apart. Somebody's lost their f***ing mind.

Hit the jump for a couple closeups.




LEGO Star Wars Death Star Landing Bay Diorama Made from Over 30,000 Bricks [technabob]

Thanks to Drake, who agrees a 30,000-piece LEGO diorama isn't something you take apart, it's something you glue together and still put a 'DO NOT TOUCH' sign in front of.

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