You Will Never Be A Powerglove!: Google's Recent 'See With Your Hand' Patent

September 6, 2011


Google was recently awarded a patent for this 'see with your hand' device, a glove with a fingertip camera/sensors that would allow you to 'see' what your fingers do (SPOILER: boogers) or control a computer with hand gestures. *flipping the bird, computer downloads virus*

"[W]hen a small object is lost, for example, underneath a couch, humans naturally put their hands under the couch to locate the lost object by touch," the filing says. "While gathering information by touch is in some cases an acceptable substitute for seeing, in many situations it may be desirable to 'see' the inaccessible environment to better gather information."

Sure you could use a Google Powerglove to retrieve lost Cheetos from under the couch, or -- OR -- you could use a flashlight and crouch down to look under there with your own two eyes. "YAAAAR -- RUDE THIS WRITER IS RUDE." Sorry -- or your own one eye if you're a pirate. Sweet hook, Captain Emotional.

Google patents a glove for 'seeing with your hand' [geekwire]
Google Patents Glove For "Seeing With Your Hand" [slashdot]

Thanks to Thaylor, who's praying this is NOT the future of p0rn.

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