World Of Warcraft 'Epic Meal Time' Parody

September 29, 2011


This is a parody of an Epic Meal Time episode in the World of Warcraft. They did a pretty good job. Plus at the end there's a chick with cotton candy hair eating something while making faces. That part was confusing. Actually, it was all confusing. Not gonna lie folks, I'm not very smart. SIKE! I got an 84 on my IQ test -- that's a solid B! *raising the roof* "The test goes to 180 -- that's not very high." Oh man, I was though. I told them my name was Batman and ate two pencil erasers.

Hit the jump for the video.


Thanks to Cretin (head up bro, you're not that bad) and thomas, who both tried making their own cooking shows but started grease fires and now their houses smell perpetually delicious.

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