Windows 8 Blue Screen Of Death: Now With More Frowny Face Emoticon (Finally!)

September 15, 2011


Because your mom won't understand what's happening unless there's an emoticon to relay appropriate emotional information, the new Window's 8 blue screen of death features a lil frowny face and generic message about the operating system shitting the bed. "Oh, oh no -- a frowny. This is bad. I better call my son/daughter." No word if you get a smiley face for successfully shutting down your computer after a crash-free session, but that's why Microsoft needs to hire me. It's called positive reinforcement, and I could sell DVD seminars on that shit. Congratulations, it has been 4 days since your last blue screen of death! :')

Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death replaces crash details with a sad face [geek]

Thanks to Charlie and svelt, who petitioned to have Window's crash screen be black with red letters and a little blood-dripping animation. Oh man, that would almost be worth a crash just to see.

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