William Shatner Talks Star Trek Vs. Star Wars In Front Of A Bunch Of Horse Memorabilia

September 29, 2011


...why is there a tattered horsetail on the wall?

This is a video of William 'Captain James T. Kirk' Shatner weighing in on the "which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars" debate. SPOILER: he basically says that Star Wars is a derivative of the Trek, the only thing Wars did better were the special effects, and THAT IS ALL. But he's also wearing a f***ing Afflicition shirt at 80, so he basically has zero credibility. So, in replacement of his mooted points, allow me to present the definitive argument in the debate: WHO GIVES A SHIT? They're entirely different. Some people like one more, some the other. It's like comparing apples and oranges wieners and woman parts. Just FYI though: Star Wars is totally the wiener. "Soooooooo, you're a huge Star Wars fan." SONOFA! No -- Trek. Gaaaah, I love both!

Hit the jump for the damn bro, stop talking and let me see you rest a beer on that belly. Also, bonus video of the Shat trying to sing Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man' because WTF, seriously.


Thanks to blake, Kraken and Thaylor, who agree Buck Rodgers trumps both, hands down.

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