Where Are You Hiding The Water Wizard?!: Magic Fountain Can Tell Time, Make Pictures

September 13, 2011


First of all, this isn't really a new invention. I know it's not because I remember posting a similar fountain over three years ago, before some of you were even housebroken. "I'm still not." But you are still single, so that's something to think about. This is a magic water fountain at an Osaka train station that performs all kinds of drip-based animations to impress passers-by and mesmerize children. Possibly so the water wizard living in the pool below can steal their souls and finally escape the dark realm and wreak havoc on Fairyland. I don't f***ing know, I'm not a fantasy writer.

Hit the jump for 4-minutes (plus a bonus video from the side!) of the soothing sound of water falling that...I pissed myself, didn't I?

Watch a Water Fountain Animate in Real Life [gizmodo]

Thanks to David B., who claims he can pee designs like this into the snow but I have my doubts. Also, a mouthful of yellow snow. This....isn't lemon.

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