Clear Preserved Animals: What In The...?

September 20, 2011


You ever wanted to see what a clear turtle looks like? Just ask Giotto, the fifth ninja turtle. "There aren't five!" Yes huh, you just can't see him. While the other four were rolling around in the ooze, he was actually drinking that shit. Now he's invisible and has even seen April O'Neil shower IN TEH NUDE. These are a bunch of animal specimens preserved by Iori Tomita. Oh, but first he makes them clear and dyes their bones and cartridge so they almost look like x-rays. Speaking of which...*dons x-ray specs* HA -- nice out-of-season novelty Easter boxers, bro. IT'S SEPTEMBER.

Originally, the method of making transparent specimens enzymatically turning the protein transparent, dyeing the bones magenta and dyeing the cartilages blue was established for scientific purposes to study the skeletal system. Taking this a step further to refine the form and coloration of the specimens requires time and experience. I create transparent specimens as pieces of work that help people feel closer to the wonders of life. People may look at my specimens as an academic material, a piece of art, or even an entrance to philosophy. There is no limitation to how you interpret their meaning. I hope you will find my work as a "lens" to project a new image, a new world that you've never seen before.

WTF is an "entrance to philosphy" (besides not this) aside, if you live in Japan you can actually buy some of Iori's smaller specimens (fish, shrimp and squid) at a couple stores, but the larger ones (lizards, birds, turtles) are only available at his exhibitions. Plus expensive. Not that you need one anyways because it would just 1. gather dust or 2. get eaten when you're drunk. Just sayin, I had a college roommate with one of those baby sharks in a jar he got at the beach. That thing tasted like shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Hit the jump for a ton more pictures to round out the anatomy lesson.












Iori's Website
(with even more pictures and info)
Iori Tomita's New World Transparent Specimens [gakuranman]

Thanks to Olivier, who agrees clear is a terrible color for a pet.

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