1996 Best Buy Ad: We've Come So, SO Far

September 21, 2011


Apple Computers: grossly overpriced since at least 1996.

This is Best Buy ad from 1996 (the year some of you were born but the year I lost my virginity. JK JK MOM -- I'VE STILL GOT IT). Because it would take me forever to resize the pieces into something decent because of the resolution, you can see the weekly ad in its entirety HERE (not hosted on Geekologie). Some highlights:

  • Warcraft II $20
  • 4, 8 and 16MB Memory upgrades: $30, $60 and $130
  • 2.5 GB Hard Drive: $300
  • 3.1 GB Hard Drive $400

Damn, we've come pretty far in the past 15 years, haven't we? "Well I certainly have, I don't know about you, GW." WHAT THE F*** IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?! "You know, like your mental development." Oh right, THAT. *trying unsuccessfully to flick booger off finger*

A Best Buy Flyer From '96 [consumerist]

Thanks to MIRV, Geek Squid (I see what you did there!) and Dan, who don't shop at Best Buy because they're convinced those sensors that go off if you try walking out the door with something you haven't pay for give you ball cancer.

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