We Can't All Be Winners: BuckyCubes Go To...

September 29, 2011


I know, I said I was going to post the winners over the weekend, but something came up. Namely, everything I ate. There was pizza, noodles -- some shit I don't even remember eating. Now it's Thursday. God, I've had a lot on my plate okay?! THE SIGN SAID ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT. The winners of free BuckyCubes, chosen by random number generator and not favoritism, are:

All me.

HAHA -- I hate you all! Just kidding, only some of you. The winners (and their favorite things about Geekologie) were:

  • 2,889 - Stevie "F*** work, i'll spend my time trawling mildly informative geek news"
  • 3,183 - Jake "Best thing about geekologie? The sophisticated, highbrow humor that's tucked beneath every morsel of penis joke"
  • 105 - Jw "gotta be the awesome commentary"
  • 543 - Andy "You GW, it's always been you...."
  • 4,027 - Patrick "The NSFW warnings always save me."
  • 3,234 - avn "Number."
  • 3,096 - Brady "The best part of Geekologie is the precision social commentary."
  • 3,973 - miguel R "Winning! duh!"
  • 1,339 - ikillnazi "bacon based products"
  • 3,123 - Jacqueline "i love your witty commentary"

Thank you all for playing, the odds of winning were around 1 in 430, so it really wasn't bad. Way better than the $5 'Set for Life' lotto scratchers I've been buying. I am like, sooooooooo not set for life right now. Also, thanks for all the kind words. I know they were all lies, but I'm the kind of person who'll actually convince himself you meant them because the bartender said he'd ban me from the bar if I cry to him one more time. That and I'm delusional. Plus -- PLUS -- illusional. See -- it looks like I'm floating, right? I'm not really though, I'm being held up by hidden wires! "Illusional isn't a word." Saw you in half?

BuckyCubes Product Site

Winners -- I'll be emailing you all for your addresses. Theeeeeeeeen show up and try to crash on your couch.

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