Vader's Imperial March On 3.5" Floppy Drives

September 29, 2011


Another day, another person playing the Imperial March on pieces of obsolete computer equipment (another 3.5" floppy attempt HERE and a hard drive version HERE). Admittedly, this is probably the best-sounding one to date. My last date? She sounded like a banshee screaming like someone just cut her off. She actually tried ordering dinner at the restaurant when I was in the restroom pleasuring myself to my own reflection and when I came out everybody had turned to stone. You know what I did? I stole all their wallets. That's really the only reason I dated her. That and her apartment had hot water and electricity.

Hit the jump for the short but sweet video.

Floppy Drive Imperial March [make]

Thanks to IGotNothin and fatass, who, while actual tipsters, are also both nicknames for myself.

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