Uh-Oh, Vampiring Works: Old Mice Injected With Young Mice Blood 'Rejuvinated'

September 2, 2011


Damn bro those fangs are GREEN -- it's called Crest, it comes in a tube.

Because science has basically devolved into trying ANYTHING, researchers at Stanford University have discovered that injecting old mice with the blood of young mice has a rejuvenating effect on the old-timers' brains. Plus -- PLUS -- also works in reverse. *injecting roommate with Hi-C*

The study found that when blood from a young mouse was injected into an older mouse, that older mouse enjoyed what could almost be termed a "rejuvenation effect": it began producing more neurons, firing more activity across synapses, and even suffered less inflammation.

Interestingly, performing the reverse, in which a young mouse was injected with blood (or, more accurately, plasma, which is the parts of blood without blood cells), resulted in young mice with distinctly elderly attributes--increased inflammation, a reduction in the production of new neurons, that kind of thing.

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Study Finds That Injecting Old Mice With Young Mouse Blood Has a Rejuvenating Effect [popsci]

Thanks to Thaylor, who tried injecting a carton of spoiled milk with fresh milk but it was still chunky when he drank it. Damn.

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