Turn Your Grill's Gas Tank Into A LEGO Head

September 8, 2011


Want to turn your grill's propane tank ("I'M A CHARCOAL MAN, DAMMIT!") into a giant LEGO minifig head? Cool, there's an Instructable online about how to do it. Of course, if you can't figure out how to do it on your own you might want to reconsider ever undertaking any home improvement project ever. Kidding, this LEGO head thing is actually a pretty difficult process. Now: first thing you're gonna want to do is puncture the tank to remove all the gas....

Propane Bottle Lego Head [instructables]
Turn Your Propane Tank Into a Gigantic Lego Head [gizmodo]

Thanks to P. Thicke, who I can't tell whether he's using a fake name or real one. Either way it's funny though.

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