Way Too Meta For Me: A Scrap Metal WALL-E

September 21, 2011


This is a life-size WALL-E model made entirely out of scrap metal. If we were in a fight, I would definitely be going for that Adam's apple. Oooooooor in the opposite direction as fast as I can (I'm a sissy-boy). SCRAP-E here is for sale if you're interested (I know you're not -- it's cool) for $2,800. No word if he's dumb enough to fall in love with the trashcan I drew googly eyes on, but you better believe I plan on dangling it over a volcano with fishing line to try to lure him in. THE ONE RING MUST BE DESTROYED.

Hit the jump for a head-on shot that may or may yes have the ability to steal your soul.


Product Site
Metal Wall-E Assembled from the Scrap Heap He Was Made to Clean Up [technabob]

Thanks to Joe77, who agrees any piece of art you can potentially impale yourself on while stumbling through the living room at night on the way to the fridge for a midnight snack would probably make a better garden sculpture.

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