The Pr0n Must Go On!: Adult Entertainment Company Building Bunker For The Apocalypse

September 15, 2011


Note: Larger picture HERE in case you want to build a similar command center in your apocalyptic bunker.

First of all, I'm pretty sure this is all fake/a publicity stunt. But did that stop CBS Los Angeles from running with the story? F*** no. And is it gonna stop me? Nothing can stop me. *flexing* "Ha -- I've seen penises bigger than your biceps." RUDE, YOU'RE BEING RUDE. So smut peddler Pink Visuall has allegedly (and I stress allegedly harder than I stress random drug tests at work) begun construction on a 1,500-person bunker to survive the coming apocalypse because, if there's one thing a bunch of irradiated zombies can't live without, it's porno.

A spokesman for Van Nuys-based Pink Visual said the bunker will be "far more than a mere bomb shelter or subterranean survivalist enclave" with amenities such as multiple fully-stocked bars, an enormous performing stage and a sophisticated content production studio.

The studio is currently working out details on the selection criteria for all non-Pink Visual personnel who they will allow to take refuge in the bunker, but Boyer said it will "likely include both merit-based and random selections, with Pink Visual performers, active site members and Twitter followers getting priority over the general public."

Aha! The old 'fear mongering to attract Twitter followers' tactic. I honestly expected more from Pink Visual. Jk jk, it's a f***ing porn company. LOLOAREOLA!

LA Porn Studio Begins Construction On 'Post-Apocalyptic' Underground Bunker [cbslosangeles]

Thanks to Hedgehog, who has every intention of just rolling up into a ball and waiting the apocalypse out. BUT WHAT ABOUT TAILS?!?!

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