The Future (According To Sci-Fi Film And TV)

September 9, 2011


Note: This is nowhere nearthe whole graphic (apparently the future is loooooooong), click HERE to see the whole thing.

This is a giant infographic designed by Michael Hobson featuring sci-fi movies and television shows based in the future and what humanity has to look forward to during a particular period. SPOILER: nothing good. Just sayin', if I had died yesterday I wouldn't be complaining. Get it? I'd be too busy watching you all undress as a ghost! OMG OMG -- I saw this one dude that looked like he had tits on his back. I went in for a motorboat but my face went right through him!

The Future According To Films
The Future According To Films []

Thanks to skamondongo, who agrees the future is looking pretty bleak for anybody but androids.

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