The Cookie Chart Of Girl Scout Cookie Sales

September 1, 2011


That's right folks, it's officially Girl Scout Cookie season! And you know what that means don't you? If you guessed, "The Geekologie Writer is gonna awkwardly approach a table of young girls outside the grocery store and ask 'how much for everything except for the shitty low-fat ones'" you do! And what better way to celebrate doubling my caloric intake and quadrupling my chances of developing adult-onset diabetes than this cookie (NOT pie) chart showing the sales breakdown of the various delectables? What's your favorite?! I'm a Tagalong and Samoa man myself. Gosh, I could seriously talk about cookies all day (but still eat them all day AND night). I've decided if I drowned in a vat of Samoa cookie dough at the Girl Scout Cookie factory it wouldn't be the worst way to go. Peppercorn ranch at the Hidden Valley plant either.

Which Girl Scout Cookies Score the Most Brownie Points? [wired]

Thanks to Julie, who only enjoys her Girl Scout Cookies in moderation. Moderation? Moderation is a word made up by the poor who can't afford a two-box a day habit!!

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