The Best Knock-Off Gaming System To Date

September 23, 2011


Not date like, 'take it out for dinner and a movie and hope to see its privates after', date like, 'to this point in time'. The Battman: a cross between a superhero, an original XBox, some Playstation 1 controllers, a realistic looking handgun and like eight giant piles of shit. 10 to 1 my grandma gets me one for Christmas.

Greatest Bootleg Gaming Console Of All Time [albotas]

Thanks to Bry, who tried to trade one into Gamestop for store credit but they wouldn't take it. OMG -- I would have driven my car through the storefront. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

  • What the .... I bet they are still on cartridges lol ... 

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Ah... an oldie (not a very old article at all) but a goodie!

    It's too bad all of the horrible comments from the past got deleted due to the site upgrade... there were some amazingly foul things said there.

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