That's Not Creepy: Photo-Realistic Face Pillows

September 8, 2011


Your boyfriend/girlfriend is out of town -- how are you supposed to sleep at night? Simple -- drop-dead drunk. That's how I do it anyway. But maybe you need a pillow with a photo of their face on the front. Hey, I'm not here to judge. Unless you were serious about needing a pillow with a photo of their face on it, in which case yes, yes I am. What are you, wearing her panties too? F***in' weirdo.

Upload a photo of yourself, a friend or a pet to make a puffy pillow head. We will make your custom pillow and ship it to you or your friend.

BOOM, it's as simple as that. $25 gets you one, including shipping. No word if they'll make one out of a picture of a person's privates, but I'm not sitting on my scanner butt-ass naked now for no reason! Or am I? I'm not (I need a pic to include with my resignation).

Hit the jump for several more examples and a link to the product page (where you can even buy other people's faces if your boyfriend is ugly!)





PillowMob Official Site

Thanks to Teodore Bear, who made a face-pillow using a picture of an ex and then voodoo dolled the shit out of it.

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