VIRAL Marketing: Warner Bros. Grows Own Bacteria Billboards To Promote 'Contagion'

September 8, 2011


You know that movie (go read some IWatchStuff, shit!) 'Contagion' coming out tomorrow that I'm not gonna see and will forever make it impossible to Google 'contagion' without getting a bunch of movie information first? Well to promote it, Warner Bros. Canada created this "living" billboard by carefully inoculating a giant rectangular petri dish with different bacteria and mold to produce a sign that reads, you guessed it!: CONTAGION. Admittedly, it's kind of clever. Gross, but clever. Would I still take a bite of it? Not for less than a dollar.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile video of the I think there was some of that on my toast this morning in action.


Thanks to Glen, who had something to do with the project and may or may yes now be infected with something.

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