Teensy Robot To Attempt (140-Mile) Triathlon

September 16, 2011


Remember Evolta, the miniscule robotic mascot for Panasonic's line of Evolta batteries? Of course you do, you have a memory like an elephant. Body too. "What was that?!" Sorry I must've farted. Well now Evolta is going to attempt an Ironman triathlon in Hawaii early next month featuring a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and 26.2 run. He will be allowed one week to complete the course, despite humans only getting 17-hours (with last year's winner taking only 8:10:37 with splits of 51:36 swim, 4:31:51 bike and 2:43:31 marathon -- do the math, it's f***ing nuts). From my understanding, Evolta will only be allowed to function on a single set of three rechargeable batteries, so my money's on being eaten by a shark during the swimming portion.

Hit the jump for a short but cute (I said it!) video of Evolta in his three different forms.

Tiny robot to attempt Hawaii Ironman triathlon [msnbc]

Thanks to Logan and Just... A Guy, who hope to run him over with a car during the biking portion of the race. But he's so cutesy wootsy!

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