'Tatooine' Planet With Two Suns Discovered

September 16, 2011


Yeah? Well I have like, three sons, so there!

Scientits (not changing it) using NASA's Kepler space telescope have discovered a planet orbiting two suns by following its shadow as it crossed in front of them. This is the first time a planet with two suns has been officially confirmed, despite the fact that I've been on numerous outerspace journeys before AND SEEN THEM WITH MY OWN THREE EYES (my peen grew one after an incident in my ship's reactor-core).

"When we first discovered it ... I sent around a message, 'Hey, you know guys, we should ask George Lucas if we can nickname this guy Tatooine,'" said Doyle, a former protegé of famed astrophysicist Carl Sagan. "Suddenly and unexpectedly after years of looking for a circumbinary planet - we got a beauty."

A double sunset on the real Tatooine, Doyle said, would surpass even Lucas' imagination. For someone standing on the planet's surface, one of the suns would appear orange and the other red.

The suns also change positions and movement in relationship to each other. This means sunsets on Tatooine are like snowflakes: No two are ever the same. "Sometimes the red star would go down first, sometimes the orange star," said Doyle. "Sometimes they would be far apart, sometimes they would be eclipsed. So it's a really interesting sunset."

LOL @ "we should ask George Lucas if we can nickname this guy Tatooine". HE WILL SUE THE F*** OUT OF YOU AND THEN SHIT ALL OVER YOUR CHILDHOOD!

'Tatooine' gives first direct proof of 2-sun planet [cnn]

Thanks to penny, Ryan, TK 745, Ray Feather, Chris, Nick, Mr. Fancy (I'm digging the white gloves, sir!), LupusYonderboy, Bryan, Matt, R-Man Dewback, Alice, SIG, daniel, Hayley and Rachel, who are still waiting for scientists to discover a planet with two daughters.

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