Sweet LED (Light Emitting Dinosaur) Drawings

September 4, 2011


This is a series of (mostly) dinosaur LED drawings by artist Darren Pearson. Obviously Darren has a superhuman sense of spatial awareness because one time at a rave I tried swinging two glowsticks around on shoe strings and ended up putting some dude's eye out and strangling myself. Then I chewed on one until it accidentally started leaking and my mouth was glowing. The girls weren't impressed and said my breath smelled like cancer. Plus my heart felt like it was constantly going to explode and I unknowingly sat in a puddle of spilled beer (probably urine) for a half hour (and with my good pleather pants on!). Later when I was in the bathroom reminding myself just what a giant piece of shit I am in the mirror, my friend chipped a tooth and just laughed and flicked the broken piece down the drain. That -- that's when I knew it was gonna be a bad night.

Tomorrow's Labor Dabor Day but I'll be around for at least a couple articles because idle hands are a masturbator's playground or something.

Hit the jump for nine more plus a video of Darren explaining how he makes them which, SURPRISE!, involves LED's and a long camera exposure.










Darren's Flickr
Dinosaurs Painted With Light [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Allison, who sent me a picture of a light-drawing she made with a sparkler once. Oh wow -- that's a great looking horse! "It's a turtle." TOTALLY.

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