Superpowers!: Doctors Who Work w/ X-Rays Developing Defense ON A CELLULAR LEVEL

September 2, 2011


And the dentist always thought I was crazy for yanking the lead vest off at the last second before an x-ray. I'll show him -- with my radiation-shooting peen! "You're...dribbling pee down your leg." You just wait. *straining* Okay I think I might be dehydrated.

Doctors whose bodies are regularly exposed to x-rays may be adapting at the cellular level to protect themselves against radiation, according to a new study. The research hints that humans could adapt to withstand radiation exposure.

In a small study, interventional cardiologists, who perform heart operations using catheters guided by x-rays, had higher levels of hydrogen peroxide in their blood, which indicates potentially harmful changes. But they also had higher levels of an antioxidant that protects against cell damage, and their white blood cells had more of an enzyme involved in programmed cell death.

Researchers in Italy believe the hydrogen peroxide indicates the radiation causes harm, and that this induces a protective response -- the antioxidant, called glutathione, protects cells, and the enzyme that induces apoptosis could reflect the body's way of killing off cells that have been damaged by radiation.

Sure you could semi-systematically expose yourself to radiation to build up a defense, or -- OR -- you could just use Rad-X and RadAway. Sorry, I'm playing Fallout 3 (for the first time). But seriously, remind me to ride the x-ray machine the next time I'm at the dentist for a nitrous tank filling. Also, what's the ruling on high-voltage power lines? "You probably grew up under them." Haha -- I did!

Doctors Who Work With X-Rays May Be Adapting at the Cellular Level to Withstand Radiation [popsci]

Thanks to lil pazzo, who's actually MORE than just a lil crazy and keeps jumping off the arm of my sofa with his shoes on.

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