Sunset On Mars: Gumdrops For Your Eyeballs

September 27, 2011


NOTE: Big-ass version HERE in case you're in the market for a new wallpaper. Me? I'm in the market eating grapes so I don't have to pay for them.

Eye candy -- that's what I was getting at in the title. "Jesus, we're not stupid." Haha! Some of you totally are is the thing. This is a shot taken by the Mars Spirit rover in 2005 of what a sunset looks like on our neighbor to the east west further from the sun. It's been around (like a hussy!), so maybe you've seen it before. That's cool. What's NOT cool is racing to the comments to tell me you've seen it before (other people haven't, God!), it's old, and I suck at my job. That -- that's the kind of talk that hurts a blogger's feelings. Feelings, LOL! I haven't felt anything in years. HAVE AT IT YOU FESTERING CHOADS.

Sunset on Mars [nasa] (with a lil more info)
Sunset On Mars [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Tom, who's the real one to blame here. Yeah -- WTF TOM?!

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