Star Wars Roundup: Jedi Kitties, Stop Motion Origami X-Wing Battle And R2-D2 Operation

September 15, 2011


Here's three Star Wars posts in one because I really know how to pack it in. "Like fudge?" Exactly like fudge. The first video is the second film in the 'Jedi kitty fights' series, the second video is an origami space-battle advertisement for Star Wars branded Moleskine notebooks because, honestly, how have we all been living without $20 leather notebooks with 'STAR WARS' embossed on the front? The third is an R2-D2 version of the game 'Operation'. So yeah, you can consider this a sort of hodge-podge post. Granted I have no idea what a hodge-podge actually is, but if it's anything like a crock-pot we should totally make some chili. Except with people.

Hit the jump for two videos and a couple more shots of the Operation game.



Jedi Kittens Strike Back of the Day []
Star Wars in origami is more refreshing than the revised Blu-rays [dvice]
Star Wars Operation: Wasn't C-3PO the One Who Always Needed Surgery? [technabob]

Thanks to Decon, asha, The Man, Karin and graham, who agree when it comes to Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Buck Rodgers wins hands down every time.

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