SkyNET, The Wi-Fi Attacking Quadrocopter

September 12, 2011


"Scientists" (read: terrorists) at the Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT) have attached a Linux box to a quadrocopter drone and taught it to locate Wi-Fi networks and attack them from the air. Oh -- plus they named it SkyNET. What the shit...

Whilst internet-only attacks are traceable to some extent, drone attacks are difficult to detect until it's too late -- you'd have to catch it in the act and chase it off with a long-handled pitchfork, or something. The team is working on refining the technology to make it cheaper than the $600 it currently costs and advise that people toughen up their domestic wireless security.

Great, so not only do I have to worry about my neighbor trying to connect to my router to pirate German fetish films, now I have to worry about f***ing hackercopters. You know what? It's times like this I wish the internet were never invented. *imagines life without internets, shivers* Okay I take that back, but still. I used to not be this pale.

Scientists build WiFi hunter-killer drone and call it SkyNET... Viene Tormenta! [engadget]

Thanks to vassskk, who attacks Wi-Fi networks the old fashioned way: with a broadsword.

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