REJECTED: Apple's 'Multi-Touch' Trademark

September 27, 2011


But I wasn't! Multi-Touchâ„¢

For the second time, Apple was denied a trademark for the term 'multi-touch' by the US Patent and Trademark Office after the Appeal Board upheld the original rejection. God, move on bro -- she doesn't want you!

For trademarks, "the greater the degree of descriptiveness the term has, the heavier the burden to prove it has attained secondary meaning." The trademark attorney pointed out that the term "multitouch" has taken on generic meaning, being used by a wide variety of publications to describe the touchscreen technology on Android phones, tablets, and notebooks.

Awwww, don't cry Apple. You and I both know you were just being greedy anyways. You know what you need to do? Come up with an ever cooler term to describe your multi-touch and trademark that. Fingergangbang. Also, that wasn't free. Holler at my Paypal, son!

Apple Denied Trademark for Multi-Touch [macrumors]

Thanks to Mitchel and Dan, who both claim they've multi-touched hooters before but I suspect Dan's only brushed up against one with an elbow by accident (it's cool, I know him IRL).

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