R/C Plane With Pilot's POV Camera Controlled By Guy Wearing Gyroscopic Helmet w/ Monitor

September 1, 2011


You just have to watch it to appreciate it, but this is a video of an F-16 R/C plane with a little video camera mounted where the pilot's head would be that's flown by a person on the ground wearing a video helmet who can also move the camera around because the helmet has a gyroscopic tracker. LEGIT! *radio crackle* GEEKOLOGIE WRITER TO TOWER -- I'VE GOT A BOOGIE ON MY PINKY, OVER.

The camera transmit live the video to ground and I wear video goggle to fly the plane in real time like if I was in the cockpit. The camera replace the head of the pilot and the movement of the cam is control by the movement of my head on ground via a head mount gyroscope (head tracker)

Ahahahahhahahah! That is aweeeeeeesome. It's just like flying your own jet plane but without the constant harassment from that dick of a popsicle Iceman during training and losing your wingman Goose in a faulty ejection because you're reckless pilot.*beating on chest* YOU F***ING KILLED HIM, MAVERICK!

Hit the jump for the of course it's set to Kenny Loggins' 'Danger Zone'.


Thanks to my for-real life brother SuperFrank, who may or may yes still sleep with superhero PJ's on.

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