Rapture You Are Not: Utopia, The Floating Mini-City Yacht Concept

September 23, 2011


This is Utopia, a floating mini-city yacht concept (but not the first) from Yacht Island Design, the same firm that brought us the make-believe Tropical Island Paradise yacht. Except this one...LOOKS LIKE IT WAS STOLEN STRAIGHT OUT OF A JAMES BOND MOVIE!:


It's Karl Stromberg's water-fort from The Spy Who Loved Me! Haha, and you thought I wouldn't notice! Oh I noticed. Oh man, remember the part when Jaws fell in the shark tank and then bit that f***ing shark and killed it?! Yeah? I've done that before. "No, you just swallowed a live goldfish." YOU SHUT UP, YOU WEREN'T THERE!

Hit the jump for several more renderings of the will never happen.




Yacht Island Design
Typical vacation locales too dull? Try a floating island! [tecca]

Thanks to Jordan M, who agrees a floating city in the sky would be even cooler. Awh yeah -- Bioshock Infinite, buddy, I'm ready for that shit too!

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