P0rn Stars Opening Adult Content Gaming Site

September 22, 2011


Sexy finger-biting: you give it a bad name.

In between getting boned or whatever scenes, p0rn stars Alana Evans and Misti Dawn are apparently hard core gamers. So what are they doing? Opening a website that combines video game reviews, playthroughs and a bunch of other garbo, but with toplessness. Now listen: I love man as much as the next boobs, but this shit sounds lame. "Um...GW?" I MEANT WHAT I SAID.

Evans came up with the initial idea to combine pornography and game coverage, and invited Dawn to the project straight away. "Misti is probably the most dedicated gamer girl I know, so she was the obvious choice as my partner," said Evans. The launch date - September 20 - is also no accident: Evans chose the site's launch date to coincide with the release of Gears of War 3. "I am a huge Gears of War fan," Evans explained.

Gamers will be able to watch and communicate with Evans and Dawn in real-time via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network

Call me oldschool, but I like to keep my video games and p0rn separate, you know? It's like, until we have lifelike virtual reality sex games, why blur the line? "Pfft, what's the worst that could happen?" HA -- obviously you've never come home to a roommate masturbating to Resident Evil before. *ahem* Derek!

NSFW NSFW PwnedByGirls Official Site NSFW NSFW
Porn Stars Start Topless Gaming Site [escapistmagazine]

Thanks to Grant, who agrees the Leisure Suit Larry franchise was the perfect blend of video games and sex.

  • Guest

    At this time Alana Evans is a very popular porn star.  I watch her different wallpaper, her expressions make me more horny. I watch many porn movies of Alana Evans and got a fun to watch it.

  • about what ?

  • This shit ended up being so fucking pathetic, you called it to a tee.

    Turns out Evans didn't come up with shit, she stole the idea of this from NinjaGirlRachel, and then went so far as to rip off the site design and gamertage too. Google "Pwnedbygirls Exposed".

    Not only that, but when she did her first show, she had her son playing for her in the background and got busted with an OFF controller. Alana EVans is a fraud and her site is now dwindling into nothing.

    Misti Dawn skipped from the project and went on to make her own (now very successful) site, and is now publicly friends with NinjaGirlRachel (I don't know if there's supposed to be spaces inbetween her name or not so meh). Misti also came forward and revealed that Alana was faking, which I'm sure is pretty much the reason Alana never made it.

    But, never fear, there's always Ninja and Misti.

  • Never have I met a man/woman/thing that is so passionate about the fallacies of porn stars and their falsified video game patronages.
    Bravo, sir. You just won a Darwin award.

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