OMG, This'll Be Great For Chat Roulette!: Real-Time Face Tracking & Substitution

September 20, 2011


This is a video of a program that provides real-time facial tracking and replacement with any other face you want without having to cut it off the person like in the old days. I don't think the technology is that crazy though because even my videochat program can give me a tophat and monocle when I'm on a conference call, but it was interesting to see how all the different faces worked out. Some...were not so hot. Obviously, it still needs some tweaking. Like my nips. Well? GO ON!

Hit the jump for a video of dude trying on a bunch of different faces.

Faces [vimeo]
Realtime Face Tracking and Face Substitution [reddit]

Thanks to Marshall D., who's partial to his own face. Me? I wear a bag over my head.

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