Oh Hai!: Snappy, The Bright Orange Crocodile

September 26, 2011


Listen bro: I hate to be the one to tell you but you look ridiculous.

This is Snappy. Snappy is an 8-foot 2-inch crocodile living at the Roaming Reptiles Animal Park in Australia. Did I mention he turned orange? Because he turned orange. Like a creamsicle, but with less cream in the middle and more partially digested swamp rat.

"Snappy's pretty territorial and he attacked the filter one day, and a few weeks after that, I noticed he was orange," said owner Tracey Sandstrom in an interview with the Herald Sun.

"Our guess is that it is something in the water such as iron or tannins from leaves or some red algae, that oxidises when it dries," Webb said.

Snappy is expected to go back to his normal color eventually.

AHAHAHAHHAH @ "pretty territorial and attacked the filter one day". What the -- you think you can just sit there IN MY PEN and clean the water all day?! Oh helllllllllllllll no, NOM NOM NOM! That's uh, that's some serious territoriality right there. *bodyslamming couch cushions* Don't you watch my TV!

Crocodile Turns Bright Orange [discovery]

Thanks to Alli, who agrees somebody's been feeding that f***er too many carrots.

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