Now You're Talking!: Sexy Transformer Tattoo

September 13, 2011


Fine, SO MAYBE I LIED. Still, I had to find a way to ensure you'd all look at the picture because it brings up several important questions I want to discuss with you. 1. Does the guy that this dude calls dad know his wife banged a wild bear behind his back and 2. WHY THE F*** WERE BROBRO'S NIPS SEWN ON AT SUCH DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT HEIGHTS?! *performing sign of the cross* The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Transforming Chest Hair [buzzfeed]

Thanks to d-fizz, who tried shaving the Cobra Command serpent into his chest, screwed it up, decided to try again with his pubes, and wound up nicking one of his balls. Ouch.

  • billbobaggins

    If you squint your eye, it looks more like the goatse pic.

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