Good Friends: Guys Find Friend Dead, Play 'Weekend At Bernies' IRL To Drink On His Tab

September 16, 2011


43-year old Robert Jeffrey Young (43 isn't really that young, bro) and Mark Rubinson, 25, went to pick up their "friend" Jeffrey Jarrett for a guy's night out on the town. Only thing is, Jeffrey was dead. So what did they do? Loaded his blue ass into the back of their car and went out anyways! His treat.

[The two men found Jerrett] unresponsive at his house late on Aug. 27, before loading him into Rubinson's car and taking him to a local bar and grill, where they drank on his tab.

They then went to another bar, before returning Jarrett's body to his home and continuing their night out using their dead friend's ATM card to withdraw money. On their way home, they flagged down a cop and told him they thought their friend was dead at his house.

Wait -- YOU LEFT HIM IN THE CAR?! But what if he wanted to mack on some honeys? What the hell's the purpose of bringing him if you're not even gonna tie strings around his hands and make him dance like a real-life marionette?! You know you could have just taken his ATM card and left him at home. Also, anybody's whose first reaction to a dead friend is "let's load him in the car and go boozing" and not "scream and pass out" scares the hell out of me.

Denver Men Accused of Taking Friend's Corpse on Boys' Night Out [foxnews]

Thanks to Thaylor, who doesn't even want to find a frienemy dead.

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