Nerds Vs. Geeks, Some Kinda Iffy Infographic

September 21, 2011


Nerds vs Geeks poster: "Nerds are into Star Trek, geeks are into Star Wars!"

Anybody who sees it: "WTF?! Whoever made this doesn't know shit about shit."

Geeks vs. Nerds: The Anatomy [bitrebels]

Thanks to Shannon, who agrees not knowing anything about anything has never stopped somebody from pretending to be an expert on the subject anyway. I know, I'm living proof.

  • Anodos

    This basically looks like "What i like is so cool!" and everyone ELSE is like "DDUUUURRRP". See, this is what you look like "I like Star Trek, i like to eat moldy cheese, DURRRRR"

  • Noblelox

    Geeks don't use macs! Macs are for lame non-techie tards who can't operate real computers, or graphic artists, since they are too stupid to use s mouse with more than one button. Geeks like firefly, while nerds like firstly, but call themselves "browncoats"

  • Seb Cox

    I'm a Geek and a Nerd and I use a Mac...not to start the ridiculous 'Mac vs PC' war which always occurs on the internets but you're wrong in several counts, and macs have more than one mouse button. Operating system makes no difference to geekiness. Except when Linux is involved.

  • Blake Taylor

    douche mac rox

  • I'd swap these two around..

  • Talesin BatBat

    So... the same thing, except the moron who made the infographic has clearly decided that Macs and Starbucks make you attractive? Clearly no understanding of the distinction between the two in the least.

  • Taryn Conner

    A simple case of "my tastes > your tastes"

  • Dylan Anselmi

    Hybrid of the two

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