Massive 43,000-Piece LEGO Star Destroyer

September 14, 2011


This is an 8-foot, 180-lb Venerator Class Star Destroyer made entirely out of 43,000 LEGO pieces by LEGO-maniac Iomedes. It...would look great in my bedroom. And by bedroom I mean my actual bed because there's noway in hell it would fit anywhere else. "Pfft, you're just saying that because you wanna cuddle!" So what if I am? "Haha, I knew it! Are you a big spoon or little spoon?!" Pickle fork.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures, a video, and a link to Erik's Flickr for more, high-res shots.







Iomedes' Flickr and Blog
This 43000 LEGO Part Venator Class Star Destroyer is Freakin' Amazing [obviouswinner]

Thanks to ben and Levi, who know several stars in need of destroying and their names are Ke$ha, all the Kardashians, and Justin Beeper.

  • taking leek

    I'm serious is this dudE in like Low security prison for "white collar crimes?" LOL

  • Somebody need a woman.... FAST

  • Scott Campbell

    does it have a venereal disease?

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