Lifesize Papercraft Link (You Know, From Zelda!)

September 16, 2011


This isn't the first lifesize papercraft Link we've seen, it's just the first one we've seen outdoors. Created by DeviantARTist stuioofmm (aka Michaela Something), it's always nice to see a character in their natural element. Mine? My natural element is in the middle of a epic battle box of Girl Scout Cookies. :/

Link is a life size papercraft model standing around 5'5. He is made completely from 250 gsm paper (about 4x stronger then normal paper). He has foam core supports in the top and bottom of his pants, top and bottom of his boots and a ring in his waist. There is also some in the back of his shield, and in the handle of the master sword.

Link is made from 250+ pages, the initial template is 198, but there are layers of strips of paper inside for support, and 831 pieces. I worked on him constantly for a month, working approximately 12 hours each day but sometimes that number could go up to 20.

Not gonna lie, when I first saw a thumbnail picture I thought he was a giant piñata. "Haha -- you would, GW!" I would what -- hit that? All night long. Or him me, I don't care. I swing every which-way, including blindfolded. What can I say, I'm kinky. "Pfft, blindfolds aren't even kinky." They are when you're banging tree-people!

Hit the jump for several more shots and a link to the artist's DeviantART with high-res versions.





Michaela's DeviantART
Amazing Life-Size Papercraft Link [geeksaresexy]

Thanks to Debo, whose bike you're riding.

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