It's Not Just Air?!: Anatomy Of A Doll Baby

September 12, 2011


Is it doll baby or baby doll? I like saying doll baby. Of course I also like saying lipchap instead of chapstick even though it's pissed my friends off to the point that I don't have any. Friends are overrated anyways though, amirite? "No, they're actually important to have." Are they? Well thank God I've got you! "We don't even know each other." Spoon and watch a brom-com? This is an anatomical study of a doll baby by artist Jason Freeny. As you can see, it contains everything you wouldn't expect to see in a toy doll, including a baby carrot and string of cut-up hotdogs. That said, one time in high school I tore the head off one of my little sister's dolls, and you know what I found? A pack of cigarettes. I made her smoke them all at once while I called the boys she liked and told them she has a penis bigger than theirs.

Hit the jump for a bunch of Jason's other anatomical sculptures (including My Little Pony, Yoshi and a Care Bear) and a link to his website with a ton more of his work.







Moist Production (Jason's website)

Thanks Jason, have you ever considered seeing if you could pack guts into a Barbie? Because one time I got like four firecrackers in one.

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