Ooh -- Do Dueling Banjos Next:! iPad Captures Oscillating Guitar Strings From Exterior

September 29, 2011


Remember that video of the guy who put an iPhone in his guitar and captured the oscillation of the strings on video? I know, I always watch it before bed too. Well now Geekologie Reader Mike Salovish has done the same, except with an iPad and from the outside. The oscillations don't look as extreme as from the inside but it's still a rice crispy treat for the eyes. Speaking of which -- you ever made rice crispy treats with melted Peeps before? It's great throwing them in a hot pot and watching them melt until they're just little beaks and eyeballs. "You're sick." I am -- and I think it's the Black Death. I....ate a corpse.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video.


Thanks Mike, now do the same thing with an upright bass dropping a beat and I'll spit a bucknasty rap on top of it.

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