In Much More Affordable Shoe News: Limited Edition Kermit The Frog Adidas Superstars

September 9, 2011


In 'shoes that won't cost thousands of dollars' news, here's a limited edition release of Adidas Kermit the Frog Superstar II's coming out late October/early November. They're green, have Kermit's iconic collar at the tongue, and read 'The Original Hip Hop' on the side in gold print. No word if the soles are made of Flubber so you can leap like a frog, but if Nike's 'Back to the Future' shoes are any indication of shoes including the features you were hoping for, no.

Future Product Site [citysole]
Kermit the Frog adidas Superstar II Sneakers [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Carlos, who's holding out for the Miss Piggy's with the lead weights in the soles.

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