I'm Puking Already: Live-Size Gummi Brain

September 16, 2011


You ever wanted to eat an entire human-sized brain made out of bubble-gum flavored gummi? God, you must spend a small fortune at the movie snackbar. But now your sickening dream can become reality my soon-to-be diabetic friend, all thanks to Firebox's (NOT Firefox's) 7-pound, $32 Giant Gummi Brain. That is like *doing math* 7-pounds too many. Know what I'm sayin'? I'm saying one time I mushed four packs of Sour Patch Kid Watermelons into a big ball and washed it down with a Hi-C the size of a kiddy pool. Best movie experience ever? I think so! (I got such an uncontrollable sugar high I tore an entire row of seats out of the ground)

Product Site
Full-Size Gummy Human Brain Will Turn You Into a Sugar Zombie [gizmodo]

Thanks to Daisy, who brought a human-sized brain made out of Pop-Rocks to a party once and seven people died.

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