TARDIS Cat House: I Wanna Play In That!

September 14, 2011


I actually used to have a cat that was retardis -- miss you Little Man.

This is a half-scale Dr. Who TARDIS cat house lovingly built by woodworking-wonder Astromark for his kitty Kaylee because, I dunno, I guess cats are really spoiled these days. I remember a time just a couple years ago when you could give a cat an empty soda box and they felt like they'd lost all nine lives and gone to heaven. Now you ding a crystal glass with a dessert fork and they come running at their leisure and are all, "Fancy Feast, seriously? I'm shitting in your shoes tonight, @$$hole."

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the finished product, including an interior shot that admittedly does look a lot bigger than the outside would lead you to believe.






2005 Half Scale TARDIS Cat Fort [tardisbuilders] (with a bunch of build pics)
This TARDIS cat playpen is the singularity of the internet's interests [io9]

Thanks to Marie, who built her cats a USS Enterprise cathouse but they prefer to hang out in the bathroom shredding toilet paper. TYPICAL.

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