I Felt It Kick!: Mommy Tummy, The Most Realistic Pregnancy Simulater To Date

September 22, 2011


This is a vest and computer program called Mommy Tummy, a pregnancy simulator for men that cuts the the entire 'growing a baby' process down from nine months to two minutes. That...sounds like a minute and fifty seconds too long.

Developed by the Kanagawa Institute of Technology, the Mommy Tummy is a pregnancy simulator that goes beyond merely simulating baby weight, it actually allows the father to feel the baby kicking, rolling around in the womb, and gradually increases the size of the stomach and breast regions over time to mimic the body changes experienced over a nine month period.

There's a video explanation of how the system works after the jump, but I got morning sickness (then poured a jar of pickle juice over a bowl of Rocky Road ice cream!) just thinking about being pregnant. But apparently some guys just have to know what it feels like. And those men? Male chauvinists. GOD, AT LEAST LET THEM HAVE PREGNANCY!

Hit the jump for the freaky-deaky.

Mommy Tummy may be the most realistic pregnancy simulator ever [dvice]

Thanks to Costen, who didn't know men couldn't get pregnant until he was in like seventh grade. Haha, you dummy! Wait they can't?!

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