I Drink Your Character, I Drink It Up!: 'The Guild' Web Series Now A Limited Edition Soda

September 23, 2011


Popular web-comedy series 'The Guild' featured a cameo appearance by Jones Soda in recently aired season 5 episode 5, and in return the pop-brewer has made the cast into limited edition sodas. HOLY F*** WHERE'D YOU GET THE SPELL?! Also, watching shows online? Please, that'll never catch on! "Um, GW?" Not now, my VHS rewinder is jammed.

Who is your inner gamer most like?

The strong Warrior skills of Vork Green Apple Soda....the sexy Priestess charm of Codex Strawberry Lime...the blade slingin' Rogue skills of Bladezz Cola...the Mage like insight of Clara Berry Lemonade...the Long Rage wit of Tinkerballa Grape....or the Warlock magic of Zaboo Blue Bubblegum.

I dunno, my gamer is more like A LEVEL 80 EATER WITH CHIP-CRUMBS IN HIS BELLY BUTTON. Kidding, but I do keep a roll of quarters in there for emergencies. Snacking ones. OMG -- a vending machine with cream cheese danishes!!

Jones Soda Product Site ($13 for the 6-pack)
The Guild: The Soda [toplessrobot]

Thanks to Karey, who once chugged five 4 Locos and when she finally came to, her guild had banned her for killing them all during a raid.

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