How In The?: Guy Builds Luigi In Tetris Game

September 13, 2011


This is a video of tetromino trickster John Schuepbach building a (relatively) color-accurate Luigi in a game of Tetris. He ends up clearing 499 lines in the process though because, well, it isn't an easy one. Now I'm not saying I could have done it in less, because God and I both know I couldn't, but I AM saying I at least know my limits. Right now? Right now I'm chained to a radiator but I could probably reach my water bowl if I strained hard enough. OH ME? NOTHING! HAHAHAHA -- JUST TALKING TO MY IMAGINARY FRIENDS! Help I've been kidnapped.

Hit the jump and at least skip around for a couple seconds to appreciate just how intense this was to do.

Man uses Tetris to create Luigi, awe [joystiq]

Thanks to Bellybutton, who -- that reminds me....haha, some blue lint and a hair!

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