Homebrew Fallout: New Vegas Pokemon Mod (Plus Latest Installment Of Fallout Web-Series)

September 15, 2011


This is a homemade Fallout: New Vegas Pokemon mod for the PC from Youbutter Youtuber darthgir2. It combines the excitement of New Vegas, with the excitement of playing Pokemon. That is DOUBLE the excitement, folks. *beating head against desk I'm so got-damn worked up about it!*

Finally after months of putting it off I have completed my Pokemon mod for Fallout NV. For those of you who are familiar with my Fallout 3, its the same concept with few improvements. You throw you Pokeball to release your Pokemon, just like in the game. They follow you around as a companion would and fight along side you.

You know what would be even cooler than a Pokemon mod? A Pokepog mod. "WTF is that?" I'm glad you asked. It combines the excitement of Fallout with the excitement of Pokemon with the excitement of pogs. "Pogs aren't exciting, they're lame." SAY IT AGAIN -- I'LL KILL YOU.

Hit the jump for a video set to some nice relaxing music.

Youtube (with a download link)
Fallout: New Vegas Pokemon Mod [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Bevin and Me (but not like me, me), who both want Fallout mods that incorporate Farmville. WHAT IN THE?! *whips off belt, exposes out-of-season novelty Christmas boxers*

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