Hip To Be Square: Buckyballs, Now In Cubes

September 12, 2011


Hip to be square -- LOLOL! Alternatively, let's stick together. F*** I hate myself. Buckyballs, the magnetic sensation you're NOT supposed to swallow despite how good they feel to pass (back me up, Magneto!), are now available in square form for $25 per 125-cube set. I've been in contact with the company though and it looks like we're gonna get ten free sets to give away, so expect a contest in the near future. And speaking of expecting -- I'M PREGNANT, GUYS! Just kidding, but I have been stuffing my shirt so I can park in those 'expectant mom' spots at the mall. You should see my wadde!

Hit the jump for a bunch more product shots and a video demo.





Official Product Site

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