Harry Potter's Resumé To Become An Auror

September 9, 2011


So apparently somebody spent the time to write up a resumé for Harry Potter to become an auror, because, get this -- when it comes to Harry Potter, there are very few things people won't spend the time to do. These are also the same people that won't bother brushing their teeth or putting on deodorant before a date. Read: MY kind of people. Sniff each other's pits?

Harry Potter's Resumé To Join The Aurors [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Martin, who wrote his resumé in the style of a death threat and got the police called. Pfft, what were doing applying to such a lame-ass company in the first place?

  • James C.

    Harry is important - and his career is important. It matters whether he and Draco are on good terms or not, how many children Harry has matters, what happened to his contemporaries in Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin & Gryffindor matters. I would like to know whether the wizards continued to use Gringotts after the spot of bother in Harry's seventh year; & what he did after defeating HWMNBN. And how long it took to restore Hogwarts.

    What I would like to know is how Harry ever became an auror after failing to satisfy Professor Snape's very high standards. Standards should not be lowered, not even for the Chosen One, otherwise all sorts of second-raters will be admitted; only the very highest standards are high enough for a job of such great importance. Especially as Harry is neither a Legilimens (unlike HWMNBN) nor an Occlumens (unlike Professor Snape).

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